What is Northern Nightmare?

My third novel, Northern Nightmare, is now available. The story focuses on four brothers who gather once a year to participate in a long-held family tradition: deer camp. The brothers eventually face a myriad of challenges that result in a fight for survival. 

Some people have asked if the fictional Manning brothers are supposed to represent my actual brothers and myself. Although there are some similarities in character traits that we share with the fictional brothers, the Mohrbach brothers are not the Manning brothers–thank God! 

Fortunately, my brothers and I have never had an issue with the local residents where we hunt, nor have any of us witnessed a Dogman, Bigfoot, or other types of local legend. I must admit, however, that we have experienced some strange phenomenon over 40 years of annual deer camps, which continue to make our excursions into the forest interesting.  

I think anyone who has ever ventured into the deep woods alone, enjoys deer hunting, or participates in an annual deer camp will truly appreciate this novel. If you are more of an urbanite who has little exposure to such activities, Northern Nightmare will give you an idea of what a deer hunt actually feels like before it goes horribly wrong.   The genre of this novel is action/adventure with some horror mixed in. The narrative is gritty, suspense-filled, and a bit raw at times. If you were fortunate enough to have enjoyed the classic novel Deliverance or seen the film version, then this book is for you. Please leave a review if you read it and thanks so much for the support.

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