Vatican Vengeance and Cardinal Deceit (eBooks)

VATICAN VENGEANCE: The Swiss Guard has protected the pope for hundreds of years. Now they have a covert unit that proactively investigates threats against the Holy Father. Colton Bishop is arguably their best operative. His cover identity is a top chef at a famous Rome Eatery. In addition to his culinary skills he serves up a healthy dose of vengeance when he travels to Michigan to investigate threats made against the pontiff. In CARDINAL DECEIT, the second book of the series, Colton is joined by three other operatives to investigate the abduction of the pope's nephew by an ultra right-wing Catholic organization. Aided by a rogue cardinal, the groups elaborate scheme begins to unravel when confronted by Colton and his team members. Action/Adventure thrillers with a twist. Non-typical heroes and story lines. Not the same recycled plots you've read before!


Amazon Customer

April 6, 2019

C. Mccormick

March 5, 2019

75 days ago
I was totally absorbed in the adventures of Colton, the protagonist in Tom Mohrbach’s book, Vatican Vengeance. After reading the first chapter, I could not stop and finished the book in two sittings. Tom’s descriptive writing style is like watching a movie. An extremely suspenseful and action-packed story. I can not wait for Tom’s next publication.



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