Vatican Vengeance Sequel (Sneak Peek)

Although far from complete, I feel confident enough to share a glimpse into the sequel to Vatican Vengeance with my readers. Although a sequel, this novel can be read as a stand-alone book. However, I do recommend reading Vatican Vengeance first to have a better background and understanding of the primary characters.


“The Four,” referenced in Vatican Vengeance, all play a large part in the sequel.  Colton has ample assistance from, Marco, Diego & Rebecca. Each of them has their own unique personalities and skill set.

The Controller and Cardinal Colosanti return as do Sloan & Ricco.

The new villain is not the young, tough, brash, Lucas Sledge from Vatican Vengeance. He is far more influential and has vast resources to accomplish his objective which is………sorry you’ll have to read the sequel to learn that.


The pope’s nephew is kidnapped while visiting an acquaintance in the United States.  To the dismay of “The Four,” and all tasked for protecting the pontiff, he agrees to meet with a representative of those responsible for the crime. The result of that meeting has the potential of changing the lives of millions of people, not the least of which would be the Holy Father.


Rome, Italy

Venice, Italy

Clearwater & Land O Lakes Florida


Like Vatican Vengeance, there is plenty of action & adventure.  Readers will learn more about Colton Bishop (protagonist from original) as well as the remaining members of “The Four,” and its formation.


unnamed as of yet.

Projected release date:


Summer of 2019.



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