My Writing Style

It has been a little over a month now since the release of Vatican Vengeance.  Thanks again to everyone who has purchased the eBook, as well as those of you that have referred it to others.  I am steadily working on the unnamed sequel.  The sequel will introduce you to several other characters that I hope you will like as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Writing a novel is so different than reading one.  I absolutely love the fact that I can choose where a story goes, its tempo, and how it ends.  So often upon finishing a novel, I am disappointed with the ending or how it lagged in the middle.  I have no one to blame but myself if I fail in either regard.

My goal in writing a novel is that it holds the reader’s interest from the first chapter until the last.  I promise not to let a novel bog-down to the point that you struggle to finish a chapter.  I also love short chapters, and from some of your feedback, I am happy to learn several of my readers do too.  To me, there is nothing worse than a multi-page chapter that I struggle to get through.

I love solid characters that I actually care about when reading a novel. If I’m not vested in the main character, I’m easily bored.  I like to leave some background of the main characters a bit of a mystery so at the end of the book the reader wonders about an aspect or two of the character.  The same goes with the supporting characters as well.  I think they should be interesting and unique in their own regard with a little mystery.

I promise a little romance in each of my books.  I choose not to go into great detail regarding love scenes but hope to bring the reader just far enough to allow them to imagine the remainder as they choose.

I am an action junkie. I relish hand-to-hand fight scenes over firearm scenes. I think the classic Jason Bourne movies do an exceptional job regarding the fight scenes. Although, I have, and will include ample firearm scenes in my novels as well.

I can continue writing this blog, but I would rather be writing the sequel to Vatican Vengeance.   Hope all of you are having a great New Year thus far.