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Northern Nightmare is the perfect book for the cabin, tent, or tree-stand.  There are some things in the remote forest that can not be explained.

My novels are quick reads. If you love non-stop action-adventure with colorful characters, and unique story lines give them a try.

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NORTHERN NIGHTMARE: Four brothers attend their yearly deer-camp in northern Michigan. The usually peaceful, and relaxing, trip soon becomes a fight for survival against pure evil. If you loved the classic “Deliverance” this ones for you!

VATICAN VENGEANCE: The Swiss Guard has protected the pope for hundreds of years. Now they have a covert unit that proactively investigates threats against the Holy Father. Colton Bishop is arguably their best operative.

CARDINAL DECEIT: The second book of the series, Colton is joined by three other operatives to investigate the abduction of the pope’s nephew by an ultra right-wing organization. Aided by a rogue cardinal, the abductors expected a passive response not the maximum resistance, and violence of action, Colton and company deliver!

DARK TRESPASSES:  The third book of the Colton Bishop series. Colton joins forces once again with his other team members to battle a rogue priest from Chicago. The priest is heralding the arrival of satanic forces that are intent on overthrowing the world’s largest religion but first they must defeat the Pope’s secret protectors.  Colton Bishop and the other members of “The Four” are about to be tested like never before.

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Amazon Customer

 A great read! The suspense that leads to the end kept me eager to finish the book! The characters and the plot was one that placed you right in the story line and made you feel like you were a part of the book!

C. Mccormick

 My only complaint is that I tend to read before I go to bed in the evening and this book kept keeping me up! Fantastic storyline and action packed. I would love to see more from Colton and crew!


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T. Strickland

Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2020

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Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2020

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Tom Mohrbach nails it again! Colton Bishop leads another action packed, international trek to protect the Pope!! I binge read this as I could not put it down. I like how Tom intersperses real life locations, actions, and language to keep this fun and exciting while keeping the reader thinking all the while. Looking forward to whatever is next from this Author!!

Forester Holiday

Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2020

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Tom Mohrbach

 I was born in Michigan and spent the majority of my life there. I currently residence in New Port Richey, Florida