Cardinal Deceit

The second book of the ongoing saga involving Colton Bishop, Cardinal Deceit, takes place several months after Vatican Vengeance.  Colton, once again,  finds himself up against tough adversaries. An exclusive group of billionaires, aided by a cardinal, seeks to change the course of Catholicism by targeting the current pontiff.

Fortunately for Colton, he is aided by the three other members of the Vatican’s secret security division code name, “The Four.”  Marco, Diego, and Rebecca, each offer their own unique talents and at times appear to be assisted by supernatural forces.

Like Vatican Vengeance, plenty of bullets fly, bomb’s explode, and hand-to-hand combat scenes are only a chapter away.   Binge read it in one sitting or savor it slowly (if you can).

This isn’t your ordinary action/adventure thriller. If you haven’t read Vatican Vengeance yet, I suggest you give it a try, because Cardinal Deceit will be here soon.

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